3 Reasons To Use Shipping Crates To Build Your Tiny Home

Posted on: 15 April 2016

If you're interested in the idea of building a tiny home, you might be thinking about building it the old-fashioned way, with wood and nails. However, there is one good option that you might not have considered -- building it from one or more shipping crates. These are three reasons why this can be a great option for building your tiny home. 1. Cut Down on Building Time First of all, if you start with shipping crates, you don't have to build your home from scratch.
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3 Tips for Maintaining a Warehouse

Posted on: 1 April 2016

Whether you own a warehouse and rent it out to tenants or operate your own business out of it, it is important to keep up with preventative maintenance. Taking care of minor issues before they become big problems is typically less expensive and can also help keep the people working in your warehouse safe. Use the following maintenance tips to ensure that your warehouse does not fall into disrepair or become an unsafe working environment:
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Making The Transition To An Assisted Living Community Easier On Your Loved One

Posted on: 22 February 2016

For many families, talking to an elderly loved one about moving out their home can be tough. Many elderly people have lived in their homes for several years and feel that all their memories in that home will fade if they leave it. However, when the time comes that an elderly person is no longer well enough to live alone in their own home, moving to an assisted living community may be best.
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Three Reasons To Make Decisions About Your Funeral Now

Posted on: 2 February 2016

Whether you expect it to occur in the near future or decades down the road, your funeral is something you should start to prepare for now. If you don't plan it in advance, you won't be able to influence the arrangements at all. So if you have any ideas about how you'd like your funeral to go, you should take the first opportunity to plan it. Here are three reasons why planning your funeral now is a good idea that can have a positive effect on the future.
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