Ways To Use Propane As A Backup Power Source During Blackouts

Posted on: 28 February 2023

Rolling blackouts and power outages during storm-intensified weather are common. These blackouts can leave you frustrated and worried. The blackouts can also leave you without a power source for cooking and more. Here are several ways to use propane for this loss of power source and what to know about each method. 

Indoor Propane Stove

One of the first things many people worry about when there is a power outage is food. You will need a way to cook food if the power outage lasts longer than a few hours. You will also need a way to cook your food regardless of the weather. For example, you may have a charcoal grill, but if it is storming, you may not be able to use that grill effectively. Having an indoor propane stove is one of the ways to ensure that you have an ongoing way to provide food for yourself and your family during a rolling or extended blackout. These stoves are available in portable options as well as larger full-size options, depending on your needs. 

Portable Propane Heaters

Heating your home can be a vital concern if a blackout is occurring during the winter or during a snowstorm. This is especially true in areas where you know the power grid failed during previous years, leaving you in a blackout for days or weeks. By having a portable propane heater, you can ensure your family and home stays warm during these winter weather blackouts. Keep in mind, you should have a carbon dioxide meter in rooms where these heaters are used, as well as a window cracked open just enough to let fresh air in. 

Propane Power Generators

If your concern is for the entire home to operate as close to normal as possible, then you may be looking for a generator. There is a common misconception that any power generators are either gas-operated or solar. Though these are common, the propane generator is often forgotten due to the common usage of traditional gasoline-powered options. Having a propane generator may offer a safer and even more affordable option to help your home systems continue to run during power outages. When combined with propane stoves and heaters, you can offer your family members a traditional sense of comfort even during bad weather and extended outages. 

Propane is one of the leading ways many people help themselves through weather-related and seasonal rolling blackouts. If you do not have a source of propane in your home or a way to use propane as a backup source for cooking and other daily activities, contact a local propane dealer. They can help you with the different options available and make sure you are storing and disposing of your propane properly and safely.

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