Hiring a Managed Services Provider for Your Help Desk Calls? Things to Think About

Posted on: 4 August 2021

Businesses of all sizes are finding that managed IT services can help to ease the strain of maintaining a comprehensive in-house IT staff. Even though the benefits of managed IT services may be clear, it can be hard to know if these service is actually meeting the needs that you have. Especially if you have a managed IT service handling your company's help desk calls, you need to be sure that your provider is meeting your needs. Here's a look at some of the factors that you need to consider when you're working with managed IT service for help desk services.

Call Response

Help desk services often receive calls from several sources, including direct phone calls, emails, and sometimes even in-house messaging services. The longer your employees wait for a response from the help desk, the more time those employees spend with their productivity disrupted. This can have a direct effect on your bottom line. 

As a result, you should make sure that your managed IT services provider can supply you with regular reporting that details the call response times, showing how long your employees have to wait for a response after their initial help desk contact. Make sure that the response times meet your company's needs.


You need to make sure that your employees are getting a response from the help desk in a timely manner, but that response doesn't help anything if the help desk calls aren't resolved in an equally timely fashion.

Another important statistic that your managed IT service provider should supply you with is the rate of call resolution. This metric will tell you not only how many of the inbound calls during the reporting period were actually resolved, but it will also give you an idea of how long it took to resolve those calls. That way, you know how long your staff is spending awaiting resolutions, and you'll see a clear picture of the work turnaround provided by the service you've contracted.


Whether you're due to renew your managed IT service contract or you just want to be sure that your current provider is meeting your company's needs, you should take time to talk with your employees directly. Reach out to employees who have recently interacted with the help desk for support and ask about their level of satisfaction with the services they received. Your staff should feel confident in the support that they are getting, so elicit their feedback to ensure that you're working with the right service for your company.

These are some of the most important things to think about. Contact various managed IT services to learn more. 


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