3 Benefits Of Working With An Alarm System Supplier As A Security Contractor

Posted on: 24 May 2021

Are you starting as an alarms installer and intent on creating a reputation with high-quality work? Your skills could be perfect, but you also need reliable equipment to make your work solid. There are many brands in the market today, but not all are equal in quality. You also have to consider the support you get with this equipment regarding training and warranties. Working with a reliable partner like a Honeywell alarm system supplier can help grow your alarms installations supplier in several ways:

1. Access to Genuine OEM Equipment 

Access to quality equipment is a big challenge for security equipment installers. There are many cheap and low-quality brands in the market. Your excellent workmanship can be invalidated by poor quality equipment, which breaks down within a short time.

Access to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is a big advantage when working with OEM suppliers. You get equipment that is tested and verified for quality. You can hold the supplier accountable for delivering faulty equipment. It gives you the confidence to give guarantees to your client because you know you have a strong partner to back you up. 

2. Access to Training 

The security industry is vast, with new equipment and technologies coming up regularly. You need to stay updated on these developments to offer valuable solutions to your clients. For example, a client could ask for installing a door alarm, but you add value by offering them a video door alarm, enabling them to see who is at the door.

Security equipment manufacturers organize regular training for their partners. For example, a Honeywell alarm supplier for licensed installers can organize training for installing biometric IP alarms. This training grows your skills and expands your scope to grow your business with new services.

3. Equipment Warranties 

It is a standard expectation from your clients that you will offer warranties on your work, including the equipment. But your ability to absorb losses from replacing faulty equipment may be limited as a small business. It could even drive you out of business if you had to replace equipment in a large project.

As a partner of an OEM equipment supplier, you have an advantage in having a manufacturer warranty. For example, you can return a faulty alarm to your Honeywell alarm system supplier at no extra cost. It safeguards your profits and creates brand trust in your clients.

Would you like to see your alarms installation business grow along with your reputation? Work with an authorized alarms systems supplier who can walk with you on this journey. 


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