Three Things You Should Know About Load Shift Services if You Transport Freight by Truck

Posted on: 17 December 2020

Transporting large and heavy loads across the nation by truck doesn't always go smoothly. For many reasons, your load can shift and create a big problem. Sometimes your truck can get into an accident the creates an immediate problem with your freight along with the truck being turned to its side or other severe damage. When this happens, you need to contact a load shift services company. The following are just a few things they can do for you.

They have special equipment for load shifts

Having a load shift during transportation can be disastrous, but if it is caught in time, there is a good chance for recovery. You need to call a freight load shift services company that has the right equipment for your freight. There are many possibilities for transporting large loads, so the type of truck you will need depends upon the type of freight you are moving. Once you have spoken on the phone with a load shift company, they will know what type of equipment to send to the truck's location, so the freight can be adjusted, secured, or reloaded.

They have flatbed truck services

It may be that some freight may need to be offloaded to another truck, but you do not have another truck available. In this case, some of your freight can be loaded onto a flatbed truck, and the rest of the load can stay on your truck. The material you are shipping will be saved before an accident takes place. Your freight can then be taken to a local storage or the flatbed can be taken to a place where the rest of the freight can be reloaded to another truck in your fleet.

They have rotator tow trucks

These tow trucks are for heavy-duty work. They come in various sizes, and some of these trucks are fitted with cranes. This is the type of equipment you will need if a truck has flipped over or has crashed into a ditch or even a small body of water. Another use of a rotator truck is when your truck has been in an accident that has caused a large portion of a heavy load, or all of it, to spill in a roadway. This is when you need a rotator tow truck for both your freight and most likely your truck as well.

If you transport freight by truck, especially freight that is large and can shift during transportation, occasionally you will need the help of load shift services. This type of company provides heavy-duty equipment that can assist in securing your freight from falling off your truck. They also have flatbed trucks to load material onto. In addition, they have heavy-duty, rotator tow trucks to pull your trucks out of ditches and shallow water.


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