About Demolishing an Old Guesthouse and Constructing a New One

Posted on: 14 September 2016

Do you want to demolish the partially destroyed guesthouse in your backyard and build a new one? If you are unsure how to go about handling the project, the first thing to do is to put a solid plan in place. You must figure out what kind of materials you want the new structure to be constructed of, as well the construction equipment that is needed. Take a look at this article for some information that can give you a general idea of how to complete your project.

1. Opt for a Durable Construction Material

If you want to make sure your newly constructed guesthouse will be durable, you might want to opt for brick masonry. One of the perks of brick masonry is that you will never have to worry about it being destroyed by insects like termites and ants. You will also not have to keep up with keeping bricks painted, as they look good in their natural condition. However, you can still paint them if it is desired. Brick masonry is also ideal for your guesthouse because it can resist mold.

2. Make Sure You Have Access to Demolition Equipment

An efficient piece of equipment for knocking down the remaining walls of your old guesthouse is a sledgehammer. The task will be faster if you have help and use more than one sledgehammer. You must have the right kind of equipment for demolishing the foundation if you want a new one laid out. One of your options for demolishing concrete is a diamond wire saw, as the diamonds on the blades help it cut through concrete easily. You can also use a jackhammer to efficiently destroy a concrete foundation; just make sure it is positioned at a slant to maintain full control.

3. Avoid Purchasing Equipment That Won't Be Used Much

Unless you intend on using the construction equipment again, you might want to opt for renting what you need. You can then return the equipment and not have to spend a lot of money getting anything new. Construction-equipment rental companies will usually charge a daily fee. For instance, you can rent an electric jackhammer at an estimated minimum of $50 per day. Expect a diamond wire saw to cost a little under $100 or more per day. Get in touch with a construction-equipment rental dealer such as LAX Equipment Rental to find out what is available to completely demolish your old guesthouse.


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