What Are Some Different Ways To Use Dry Ice?

Posted on: 7 May 2016

You probably already know dry ice, which is a solid form of carbon dioxide, can be used to create fog, but there are also many other uses. Dry ice isn't just used for fun Halloween parties, but is great for a lot of practical uses. Here are some different ways to use dry ice at home.

Keep Food Safe During a Power Outage

When there is a power outage, one of the most frustrating things that happens is all your food is spoiled because the refrigerator and freezer no longer function. However, if you have dry ice already at home or delivered by a company like Long Beach Ice, then you can use it to keep your food safe until the power comes back on. Make sure when using dry ice, you always wear gloves; you should never use bare hands to touch the dry ice. You can use blocks of dry ice that are covered in an insulated material or towel, and place them directly inside the refrigerator or freezer. You might need to replace it if the power is off for more than a day.

Lure Bugs Away From Your Home

Dry ice is also good as pest control, but not to kill the bugs. It actually works by deterring the bugs from entering your home and instead attracting them to a separate location. If it is the summer and you have a problem with mosquitos, you can place a bag filled with dry ice somewhere in the yard to attract them there. This keeps them off your patio and from entering your house as long as the dry ice is in another location. This also helps when you are trying to trap bugs by hanging the dry ice close to the trap, since many bugs like the carbon dioxide gas.

Remove a Dent in Your Car

If you have a dent in your car, you might have tried other home remedies, such as using regular ice and a hairdryer. However, dry ice might work much better when trying to pop that pesky dent out. You first need the dent to warm up, which you can either do manually with a hair dryer on full blast, or simply by letting the car sit out in direct sunlight for a few hours. You then want to put on gloves, take a block of dry ice, and place it directly over the dent. The chill from the dry ice against the hot dent should cause it to pop out.


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