3 Tips for Maintaining a Warehouse

Posted on: 1 April 2016

Whether you own a warehouse and rent it out to tenants or operate your own business out of it, it is important to keep up with preventative maintenance. Taking care of minor issues before they become big problems is typically less expensive and can also help keep the people working in your warehouse safe. Use the following maintenance tips to ensure that your warehouse does not fall into disrepair or become an unsafe working environment:

Have the Roof Regularly Inspected

Warehouses can vary in size, but they are typically quite large. This means that there is a lot of roof to be concerned with, and the cost of completely replacing a warehouse roof because it has been neglected can be incredibly expensive.

To extend the life of your warehouse roof for as long as possible, hire a commercial roof repair company, such as Upson Company, to regularly inspect the roof to ensure that there are no problems and that the drainage system is clear and free of debris. Since most warehouse roofs are flat, there may be some areas that collect standing water after it rains-- if you begin to notice any leaks, call a commercial roof repair company immediately to patch the roof.

Keep an Eye on the Floors

It is a good idea to regularly walk through your warehouse and take a look at the floors. If you notice any cracks or small holes, have them filled by a concrete crack filler company before they can become large enough to cause a person to trip and fall. If there are areas of the floor that tend to get wet from condensation from a machine used in the warehouse, make sure you put down non-slip floor mats.

Check the Fire Alarm and Sprinkler System

A working fire alarm and sprinkler system can go a long way in minimizing damage in the event that a fire breaks out inside a warehouse. Consider having fire drills on a regular basis to ensure that the fire alarms are working properly-- this will also give you the opportunity to ensure that everyone working in the warehouse knows the proper procedure for exiting the building in the event that the fire alarm goes off.

Checking the sprinkler system yourself is not practical and can cause a huge mess. But you should make sure that a company that specializes in commercial fire sprinklers comes to your warehouse regularly to check the system and make sure that it will work as intended if needed.


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