Making The Transition To An Assisted Living Community Easier On Your Loved One

Posted on: 22 February 2016

For many families, talking to an elderly loved one about moving out their home can be tough. Many elderly people have lived in their homes for several years and feel that all their memories in that home will fade if they leave it. However, when the time comes that an elderly person is no longer well enough to live alone in their own home, moving to an assisted living community may be best. Learn more about how you and your family can help make the move to an assisted living home easier for your elderly loved one.

Stress The Advantages Of Assisted Living Communities

Your elderly loved one may think an assisted living community is the same as a nursing home. He or she may feel fear about the loss of their independence when it comes to things like gardening. Many older people think they will lose their privacy or their personal property if they move into an assisted living apartment. Discuss with your elderly loved one the benefits of an assisted living community. The following are some positive facts about assisted living communities you can talk to your loved about to help dispel their fear of moving into one:

  • No loss of privacy: Assisted living communities are made up of apartment homes or individual houses, each one offering the same level of privacy your loved one would have in their own home. However, at an assisted living community, your loved one will also have assistance with daily tasks any time it is needed, a huge bonus for older folks whose family does not live nearby. For example, if your loved one has trouble getting around and you fear he or she will fall during tasks like bathing, a qualified medical professional will be on staff to provide assistance with bathing. Your loved one can feel safer and more at ease when living in an assisted living home. Be sure to tell your loved one that he or she can take their own furniture and property to their new home as well.

  • No loss of favorite activities and hobbies: Your loved one may think that leaving his or her home means losing the opportunity to do things like gardening or woodworking. However, many older people actually become more active after they move into an assisted living community because they are no longer alone and can enjoy their favorite hobbies and activities like gardening with other people their own age that have the same interests. When it comes to gardening, let your loved one know he or she can bring along special items like the flowering plants his or her deceased spouse planted at their home. Keeping sentimental property like live flowers can help make the move to new home easier because your elderly loved one is taking along important memories.

  • No more loneliness: One of the greatest benefits of an assisted living community is the community itself, as it provides opportunities for socializing. This can be especially true for older folks that have lost their spouse or have family that live far away. Let your loved one know that he or she will have the enjoyment of other people his or her own age, many that have the same interests or fears as your loved one.

If you are worried about an elderly loved one living alone, learning more about assisted living communities like Grace Assisted Living is a good idea. One way to help your loved one feel better about an assisted living community is taking him or her to with you to visit one. You may be surprised how excited your loved one may get about moving when he or she sees the community up close.


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