The Approaching Burnout: How To Avoid Overwork

Posted on: 2 February 2016

If you feel exhausted all of the time, you might feel like you are responsible. You may hear in the back of your mind that you just need to push harder and that you will then achieve your goals. However, it could be that you were actually working far too hard and you may be on the verge of a burnout. The problem may be, as it is for many women in leadership, that you simply haven't learned how to say no.

Communicate With Your Manager

Oftentimes, your managers may not realize the amount of work that is being placed on you. Several last minute requests can pile up and prevent you from focusing on your core responsibilities. Make sure to communicate the amount of work that you are placed under and to then set clear guidelines for what you will be able to do.

Set Aside Time For A Specific Task

Set aside time for a specific task and do not allow other tasks to seep into this time. You may wonder why you are unable to complete a task within an hour that should only take 30 minutes. But if you track everything that is done within an hour, you may remember that you also responded to a few emails. Put work that is not essential off until you have more free time.

Help Your Boss Prioritize

If your boss keeps sidetracking you, it will be important to remind your boss that in order to perform newer responsibilities at your greatest ability, you will first need to get other responsibilities out of the way. Keep in mind that you might only be evaluated for your ability to perform the job that you were hired to do.

Do Not Take The Work Of Coworkers

When an unnecessary task is the responsibility of someone else, inquire about why he or she cannot perform the task. If the other employee doesn't have a good reason, simply say no. If the employee does have an understandable reason, you could still say no or you could find a way to solve the situation so that the employee can perform the task on his or her own. However, always choose the solution that will allow you to fulfill your responsibilities more quickly.

The ability to prioritize work and to delegate tasks to others is a key part of showing the ability to lead. By being able to avoid getting lost in details and to instead focus on the big picture, you will be acquiring the skills that are necessary to advance to a management position.


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