3 Ways To Make Your Banner Stands Out At Your Next Convention

Posted on: 13 January 2016

If your business will be attending conventions in 2016, you need to create a banner that stands out from the crowd. At a convention, your banner will have to compete with the banners at every other businesses booth. In an environment like this, it is especially important that your banner stand out and draws people in.  

Keep It Simple

As you start to design your banner, remember to keep it simple. This is a key rule behind banner designed, and especially applies when you are going to be primarily displaying your banner at conventions.

Banners that are cluttered with excessive text, colors and pictures overwhelm the viewer and your message is generally lost.

If you really want your banner to stand out, you need to stick to a few key colors, use one or two key images, and keep the wording as direct as possible. Your banner needs to be able to convey your message in a matter of seconds. When someone looks at your banner, they need to only glance at it to take in and understand your message, which is why keeping it simple is so important.

Entice The Viewer

Since you will be displaying your banner at a convention, the goal of your banner is to entice your viewer so that they want to come over to your booth and learn more about your business. The main purpose of your banner is to draw people in and have them choose your booth over all the other booths they could visit at the convention.

In order to entice your viewer, make your banner actionable. Include a limited-time offer for customers who come and visit your booth at the convention on your banner. Or, let potential customers know that you are giving something away for free at your booth. Or, include a fun and memorable call to action on your banner.

The wording and images on your banner should be crafted to bring people to you so they can learn more about your business. At a convention, you don't want to simply display your business's name; you want to draw people in to learn more about your company. 

Use Complementary Colors

Finally, it is vital that you pay attention to the colors that you use on your sign. Try to stick to complementary colors. For example, yellow and violet and complementary colors as are green and red. Choose two or three primary colors to use for your banner. You can use different shades of these colors, but try to stick to a few colors for your banner.

When you use the entire rainbow on your banner, it can easily become overwhelmed and the message will be lost. Choose a background color and then choose one or two colors to use for your text. Make sure that any image you choose compliments the color scheme that you picked. Choosing the right colors will make your sign more readable to convention attendees. 

If you want your banner to stand out at the next convention you attend, remember to keep it simple and stick to a few colors and images and use a concise and clear message that will draw people to your booth. Contact a local outlet, such as Mission Signs, for further assistance.


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