How To Fill Your Empty Self Storage Rooms

Posted on: 9 December 2015

When you can't fill your storage units to capacity, your business doesn't profit. You need to fill your empty storage units so you can make more money and create a stronger customer base. Here are ways you can fill your empty self storage unit rentals so you can have greater capacity and a greater chance of making profit.

Create a 'new customer' special

You have a lot of competition in the self storage business. For starters, there are around 60,000 storage unit companies across the world, and about 48,500 of them are right here in the US. This means there's a good chance your potential customers have more options for a self storage unit company than just yours. Secondly, your industry is fast-growing among entrepreneurs, so new competition may come your way at any time.

This simply means you need to be mindful of how to make your business more appealing to your new customers than other companies they may be considering. You can do this by doing a new customer special, such as getting a first month free on rent or being able to upgrade to a larger unit for the same price as a smaller one with a contract for a certain amount of time. The more appealing you can make your company to your first-time customers, the more likely you are going to be able to land their business and fill your empty units.

Offer referral bonuses

Your current customers should be rewarded if they bring you a new customer who rents one of your units for a set period of time or longer. Promote a dollar amount off for a single month's rent for every customer one of your current renters brings you. This incentive will cause your renters to positively promote your business and hopefully bring you new customers.

Keep your business tidy

People often judge a business based on how it looks on the outside. If your weeds out front need pulling or your sign needs to be power washed, get it done. Your exterior represents what your storage units look like, so if your building looks cluttered and unkempt, you can guess what people will think your units are like. Be proud of the way your business looks on the outside, and it may help bring new customers inside.

You want your storage unit facility to flourish, and it takes a bit of hard work and advertising to get to where you want to be. The more effort you put into your marketing and customer retention programs, the more you can help your storage unit facility stand out from the competition.

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