Choosing The Right Office Chairs For Your Space

Posted on: 31 October 2015

When it comes to investing in furniture for your small business, your chair selection is more important than you'd think. It sets the tone for the entire area, so you don't want to invest in all the same style for every part of the building. Instead, you want to make sure that you choose chairs that are well-suited for each specific area based on the function of the space. Here are a few key areas you'll need to furnish and some things to think about before buying chairs for each area.

Lobby and Public Spaces

You want the chairs in your public areas to be comfortable. After all, the front lobby and other public areas will be each prospective client's first impression of the building. Look for chairs that are durable, with a solid wood frame. You'll want chairs that are padded and soft to ensure maximum comfort. For example, large overstuffed chairs are great investments for a front lobby, particularly when paired with a small table and a coffee bar.

Don't underestimate your upholstery selection, either. If your office is in a humid climate, you'll want something that isn't going to get sticky in the heat and humidity. Skip the leather and invest in breathable fabric upholstery for those areas. Just make sure you have the upholstery cleaned once or twice a year. In cold areas, softer chairs are better, because leather and similar materials can hold the cold temperatures, making your guests feel chilled.

Conference Rooms

Your conference rooms will serve many purposes over time, from handling internal meetings to hosting large client pitch presentations. That means investing in chairs that are versatile enough to fit all of those needs. Look for chairs that aren't too bulky for these rooms, because you'll want to be able to fit a lot of them into the space.

Avoid chairs that have a lot of adjustment options when you're furnishing your conference room. The extra features, handles and adjustments can make for a distracting environment, which is the last thing you need when you want people to focus on a presentation or discussion. Instead, choose chairs that are supportive but have a bit of flexibility for comfort.

Work Stations

When it comes to your employee work areas, the concentration should be on ergonomics and support. You'll want chairs that are ergonomically designed to reduce the risk of strain or injuries due to the time spent working at the desk.

Opt for chairs with enough padding that your employees will be comfortable, but not so much that they feel as though they're sinking into the chair. Then, make sure that they are adjustable. No two people sit the same way, so you want your staff to be able to adjust the height, lumbar support and other features to suit their needs.

The chairs that you invest in will say a lot about your company. When you consider these tips as you make your choices, you'll be able to ensure both comfort and productivity throughout the office. Work with a supplier such as D & R Office Works Inc. for more options.


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