Business Safety And Security: 4 Signs You Need To Hire A Security Guard

Posted on: 21 August 2015

If you run a small business, then you know the importance of security. A well maintained staff and property security measures will help keep you, your business, your employees, and your products safe. If you have been experiencing issues with your security, it might be time to hire security guard services.

So how do you know when you should hire a security guard? Here are four telltale signs:

1. A Rising Crime Rate

If your business is located within a dangerous city or neighborhood, it might be time to hire a security guard. Even if the city is safe, you might want to consider hiring a security guard if the crime rate is up in your area. While cameras and locks do help, they are not foolproof. A skilled thief could easily break in, steal your products or data, and cause mayhem. Having a security guard on-site will help deter potential thieves, which will help keep your building safe. If one does attempt to enter, they can stop and contain the thief until the authorities arrive.

2. Frequent Trespassing or Vandalism

Trespassing and vandalism are two things business owners have to deal with. While annoying, they are usually infrequent and do not cause much damage. However, if you notice a pattern of more frequent vandalism or trespassing, it might be time to hire a security guard. An armed guard outside of your building can ward off potential trespassers. They can also stop and detain anyone performing vandalism.

3. Increase Of Theft

Theft is a huge problem for businesses. Outside thieves and employees can both steal from your business and cost you money. While it might not seem like an employee would steal from you, the ugly truth is they can. In fact, employee theft costs businesses a whopping 40 million dollars per year according to If you suspect an employee is stealing, a security guard might be helpful. The guard can monitor your employees and alert you to any suspicious activity. They can also stop and alert you of any suspicious activity with clients or customers. If they catch anyone stealing, they can stop and detain the person.

4. You Have Sensitive Data

Finally, you might also want to consider hiring a security guard if your business houses sensitive data. While anti-virus programs help keep hackers at bay, they do nothing for the common thief. Fortunately, a guard can stand outside your server or computer room and protect all the data inside. They can also protect physical files from thieves or unwanted visitors.

Owning a business means protecting it, so that it can thrive. If your business is having security issues, it might be time to hire a security guard. Use these four telltale signs to help you determine whether a security guard is ideal for your business.


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