How To Give Your Office A Professional Appeal

Posted on: 6 August 2015

When clients walk into your office, you want them to feel confident that your company is going to be professional and efficient in the things you do. Your office furniture and the way you style your community space can help convey this message. Here are ways you can give your office a more professional appeal.

Leather furniture

Leather furniture is not only classic and fits well with other decor, it also gives off an understated tone of professionalism and control. When choosing leather furniture, stick to black or dark brown tones to avoid appearing too contemporary. Make sure your couches and chairs are all the same hue. If wanting to incorporate cream leather, choose black couches and opt for a single cream leather chair to offer a more modern professional look.

Complement leather furniture by adding soft potted plants to your office, such as lilies or orchids, to give your office a warm appeal. Black and white nature pictures also help set a softer tone without compromising leather's streamlined look. Contact a company like Boss Office Products Inc for more ideas.


Color has a major impact on people, so make sure your office is painted a bold color that shows your company's competence and professionalism. Blue is a common hue for walls and carpeting, since it conveys a message of intelligence and provides a calming atmosphere. Red expresses control and passion, something you may want your company to convey to clients. Yellow is positive, and combined with other powerful colors makes a very bold statement as an accent wall in any office. Green is a lovely hue for showcasing your company's healthy growth. Black portrays power, and can be incorporated into any color scheme in the form of tables, chairs, rugs, and even picture frames.


If your company or any of its employees have ever been given any achievements or recognition, make sure they are displayed on the wall discreetly for clients to see. A modest frame placed around newspaper clippings, national or local achievements, or any groundbreaking goals is all you need for a display. Hang these frames just above eye level so clients have to look up to see them. This way, you are showcasing your company's separate achievements without appearing ostentatious.

There are many ways you can make your office appear more professional to your clients. Your color scheme in blues and greens, adding leather furnishings, and even putting company achievements on the wall can help give your company the image you need.  


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