Keeping Your Boat Safe While In Storage

Posted on: 8 July 2015

If you are a new boat owner, you will soon be enjoying days where you are able to navigate the open water in style. When you are not using your boat, you will most likely have it placed in a storage facility or marina until you are able to take it out for another day of fun. Before you leave your boat, there are a few steps you can take in keeping it safe from theft, vandalism, and elemental damage.

Consider An Alarm System

Placing an alarm on your boat before you lock it up for the evening or the season is a great way at keeping people from causing damage to or stealing your prized possession. Check out several different types of alarms to see how sensitive they are. Some alarms will go off if a bird lands on top of your boat while others will not go off until an intruder gets into the cabin portion of the vehicle. Find one you are comfortable with and have it professionally installed. Let the storage facility or marina know you have placed an alarm on your boat and give them your phone number in case there is an incident where you need to come to shut it off.

Keep Things Lit

Place your boat in an area that is well-lit for the best protection. If you are going to store it at a marina, make sure there are lights on at all times to help keep the boats in storage well-illuminated. Boat storage facilities also have lit areas within their yards for customers to use to keep their vehicles in view of others. Make sure the spot they allot to your boat is bright enough to be seen by other people who may be in the area, as it will help deter thieves and vandals from trying to get on board. Consider putting a few motion sensor lights on your boat for extra protection.

Place A Cover

Putting your boat underneath a cover will help keep people from being tempted to see what is on board. If you have a cover in place, it will take more time to get into the boat to see what you have available for stealing. Potential thieves would most likely move on to an easier target. Make sure the cover you use is of a heavier material so it is more difficult to remove.

Make It Hard To Move

If you place your boat in a storage facility, take it off of the trailer. A boat that cannot be hooked up to a vehicle to be driven away will not be as likely to be stolen. If your boat is parked in a marina, do not place the keys anywhere on board. Bring your keys home with you and keep an extra set in the marina office for emergencies. 

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