Need A Live Answering Service? How To Know You Are Choosing The Right One

Posted on: 2 June 2015

As your business grows, the amount of calls coming in might as well. If this is what you're experiencing, your choices in dealing with these calls are to hire a receptionist or an answering service. A live answering service—like those from Security Services Northwest, Inc and other locations—works much like a receptionist but without the costs of bringing in additional employees. If this is something you've been considering, use this guide of things to look for to help you choose the right live answering service.

The Answering Service Is a Member of the Association of Teleservices International

The service you hire should be a member of the Association of Teleservices International (ATSI). This organization helps to provide training and certifications to the live answering service's employees to ensure that they deliver the proper service you're looking for.

In addition, the ATSI provides other benefits to answering services such as liability insurance and congressional representation for the answering service industry.  

The Answering Service Hires Remote Workers

Look for a live answering service that contracts remote workers who have gone through the training offered at ATSI. These folks work from anywhere in the country, so your calls get answered by a live person 24/7.

The benefit of having remote workers take your calls is that you can concentrate on dealing with customers who are right in front of you, instead of having to leave them hanging to answer the phone.

Remote workers can also be trained in setting or confirming appointments, offering sales spiels, taking orders from customers and providing customer service, just to name a few.

The Answering Service Uses Multiple Methods of Message Delivery

Ask the live answering service how they deliver the messages. They should be able to accommodate your preferences of one or more of these delivery methods:

  • phone
  • email
  • text messaging

Don't assume that the service provides all message delivery methods. If you want your messages sent to you via text message, ask the service if this is possible. Some may only send you the messages via email.

Carefully shop around for a live answering service and don't simply look at cost to make your decision. Keep in mind that the more you require of the service, the more you'll likely pay. When interviewing the service, inquire about all the aforementioned live answering service features. Then pick and choose what is really important to you, so that your business can flourish while you're not available to answer the phone.


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