Designing Your Corrugated Box

Posted on: 3 April 2015

A corrugated box is made out of at least two sheets of liner board and at least one sheet of corrugated medium. Corrugated boxes are commonly chosen because they are less expensive. They are also better for the environment because they are easy to recycle. While you might want to save money by reusing a box, you are better off purchasing a new box because used boxes lose many of their protective qualities. By purchasing a new box, you will be able to design it exactly for your unique product.

Consider the Types of Materials You Will Be Shipping

One of the factors that determines which box you should choose is the types of materials you are shipping. If you are transporting hazardous goods, you will need to choose a box that is designed to store the hazardous goods. Fortunately, the U.S. Department of Transportation publishes the regulations for transporting various products.

Consider the Shape and Nature of the Box Contents

Decide on whether you would like the inner packing pieces to already be placed inside the box, or if you would like the packing pieces to be arranged after you have assembled the box. Corrugated boxes, such as those from Associated Paper & Supply, are designed specifically for the product that they will contain. They are also designed based on the needs of the warehouse where the product will be stored. If the corrugated box needs to be longer and flatter to fit on a specific shelf in a warehouse, it can be designed to do so. Typically, boxes that will be stored in a warehouse will have the smallest walls possible because this will use the maximum amount of storage space.

Determine How Durable the Box Must Be

How durable you need the box to be will play a role in how the corrugated box will be designed. You will need to make sure that the strength of your box matches the weight of the contents of the box. Fortunately, when you purchase a corrugated box, it will usually have the weight limits written on it.

The strength of the box will be based on how many layers of walls it has. The most common option chosen is to have a single layer. However, for objects that are heavier, such as plates or glassware, a double layer is more suitable. Triple walls is the sturdiest option, but is also the least frequently used because it can make the box very heavy.  


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