2 Next Generation Security Measures For Gun Safes

Posted on: 5 March 2015

Keeping your firearms safe is of the utmost priority for any gun owner, but a simple bargain safe just might not cut it in most situations, especially in case of a home invasion, where thieves know where to look and how to get to your guns. In order to thwart not only thieves, but also prying eyes and the curious hands of children or other family members, here are two ways to ensure that your next safe keeps your guns and family are safe and secure using the latest technology.

A New Kind Of Key

Using a key to access your guns might seem like a step backward in terms of safety and modern strategy, but this is only when thinking of a key as a flat, toothed piece of metal. Other useful forms of keys include rings that you can wear on your finger to access your guns quickly in the event of an emergency. The best part of using a ring-style key is that it never has to leave your side, ensuring it never gets into the wrong hands. Another popular option is a bracelet with the same kind of sensor, which is a personal RFID tag that ensures you're the only one with access to your guns. 

Using Biometrics

Biometrics in this context is a fancy word for using a scanner to detect your fingerprint, retina, or even your whole face to allow you access to your guns. These types of safes can be very expensive, but the cost is worth it if safety is your number one priority, especially if you've told anyone your combination or lose your key to your old safe. The best part of these safes is simply that you never lose your "key", and most options allow you to program in multiple fingerprints or retinas, in case a spouse or other family member might need access to the safe's contents. 

If you need to go to the farthest extent to keep your guns safe from thieves, enemies or even children, taking every possible measure is going to get your much closer to that goal. Thankfully, an easy way to keep your guns safe is to use one of the two above methods for your next safe, as they take the classic key or combination lock to a whole new level, making it impossible for people to guess their way into your safe. For more information, contact a company like State-Wide Lock & Safe Inc.


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