Four Unique Ways To Make Digital Printing Work For Your Business

Posted on: 16 February 2015

Many businesses use digital printing services to produce business cards and brochures, but there are lots of different ways to use printing to build excitement around your brand and advertise your company to new markets. Here are some of the fun and innovative ways you can make digital printing work for your business.


Invitations aren't just for weddings and birthday parties. Instead of printing up traditional ads or mailers, consider having professional invitations printed for your next sales event. Use digital images of your store or business on the inside of each card, while allowing the outside to appear like any other event invitation. This will capture the attention of potential customers while making them feel like their business is truly appreciated.

Canvas Prints

Turn the photos from old ad campaigns into canvas wall art that you can hang in all of your company's locations. This is a particularly great idea if your company has been in business for many years. The retro look and feel of the images lend a beautiful look to your business while reminding your clients and customers that your company has been successful for many years.

Custom Printed Envelopes

Instead of sending out bills and invoices in plain white or manilla envelopes, choose digital printed envelopes to make your mail stand out. Images of your latest products or your company's newest location add a unique look to your correspondence and help to ensure that your mail won't be ignored. Consider themed envelopes for each of the annual holidays your company recognizes to add a fun touch to all your communications.

Vehicle Wraps

Even if your business doesn't have a product to deliver, it can still benefit from vehicle wrapping. Consider having your personal vehicle wrapped before heading to an event or a convention. Potential clients and vendors will be able to associate you with your brand just by seeing the car you arrive in. Drive the vehicle around town during peak traffic times to help spread the word about your new company or product. If you are sponsoring an event in your community, be sure to bring your wrapped vehicle along with promotional giveaways to further increase the excitement about your brand.

Digital printing services, such as Executive Services, are essential for companies that want to elevate their brands. By finding creative ways to spread your company's message, you can make your brand stand out from the crowd while getting people excited about your products and services. Whether you use vehicle wraps and invitations with custom envelopes at a grand opening event or canvas prints of your iconic ad campaigns, you can market your brand effortlessly using just a bit of creativity.


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