5 Tips For Preventing Storage Unit Infestations

Posted on: 5 February 2015

Storage facilities, like Oakland Ave Storage, do their best to prevent damage to their clients' unit contents, but most of their efforts are aimed at larger threats such as water and fire damage. When it comes to protecting your property from smaller pests, they make an effort, but it can only be effective if you do your part. Mice, roaches, gypsy moths, and bedbugs all cause problems with stored belongings. Deal with infestations in your self storage rental unit by doing everything you can to prevent the problem from starting in the first place.

Storage Boxes

It might seem economical to store all your belongings in free boxes from the local grocery or liquor store, but these boxes are like big "OPEN" signs to mice and roaches. Rodents will dig into boxes and make nests in the contents, while roaches and other insects feed on the glue holding the boxes together before moving on to the contents inside. Invest in plastic storage boxes and vacuum bags to hold your belongings and repel outside pests.

Item Cleaning

Food crumbs, grease, and general uncleanliness attract a number of pests, while any eggs that may already exist inside your property will cause an infestation after you've stored the items away. Wash hard items with soap and hot water, allowing them to air dry before being packed. Wash anything made of fabric in the hot cycle of the washing machine, and make sure it's completely dry before being packed away.

Personal Item Checkup

Thoroughly inspect each item before packing it away. Instead of packing away a stack of folded towels, unfold each towel and shake it out to make sure no pests are hiding in between the layers. Search inside and out of every item as you pack.

Raised Storage

Invest in pallets or milk crates to hold storage boxes up off the ground. Leave air space underneath all your storage unit contents to reduce the number of places where pests can hide. Mice love to hide between boxes and unit walls; raising the boxes up removes that tempting spot.

Storage Unit Inspections

Making sure your belongings are clean and packed correctly is a great first step, but you can't just rest and relax, assuming nothing is going to happen while everything is in the unit. Make an inspection tour every six months to make sure no pests are setting up house in your property. Open boxes, check along walls for droppings, and shake out clothing to look for infestations. If you have a problem, check with the facility manager to work on a plan for pest eradication.


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