Travel Air Compressor Failure Inspection And Troubleshooting

Posted on: 28 January 2015

Travel air compressors can be lifesavers. Whether you're inflating a tire after a flat or trying to get a pneumatic tool working during a repair emergency, the handheld devices can bring high power to remote situations. Unfortunately, some air compressors require exacting maintenance that becomes even more necessary if you're using the devices in bad weather.

Consider a few inspection and troubleshooting techniques for air compressors to keep your compressor unit working or to know what you need for a fix or replacement:

Air Filter Failure In Compressor Units

Air filters are well known for their roles in air conditioners, cars, air purifiers and even air compressors. Unfortunately, the filter on an air compressor has a very wide window of failure if you're not maintaining the device after every use.

The filter for an air compressor uses a very fine mesh, which blocks as much debris as possible while allowing a specific amount of air to come through. Since the filter is so fine, a day of use can block its airflow easily. Using the compressor again without cleaning the filter can be devastating.

Air compressors work harder if there isn't enough airflow entering the system. If it works too hard, the motor inside can burn out, which may require a full motor replacement. If your compressor has completely failed, get the model number for the compressor and contact the manufacturer for a replacement model number for the motor. Local vendors with air compressors and repair services can help you after the parts arrives.

Look For Leaking Air In Hose And Hose Fittings

The hoses used for filling tires and connecting to pneumatic devices can be damaged easily if not properly stores. Especially in the case of rubbed connection hoses, sharp bends and hot weather can combine for a cracked hose.

If you can't figure out the exact area of a leak, put the hose in a tub of water. Turn on the air compressor into the tub and turn on the compressor, then observe the hose for rising bubbles. Any bubbles coming from areas other than the entrance area are cracked, and you'll either need to patch the area with tape or replace the hose.

Get hoses that are protected with a cloth weave sheath, which usually resembles many threads woven around the hose. These hoses are more flexible and have multiple layers that can keep air integrity if inner layers break. Contact an air compressor specialist to find compressors, replacement parts and repairs for your specific needs.

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