5 Reasons To Hire A Moving Company

Posted on: 18 December 2014

Moving is one of the most stressful things a homeowner can do. If you are thinking about moving, here are five reasons you should consider hiring a moving company to help you out.

1. It Saves You Time. Maybe you would normally do something like this on your own or maybe you were planning on all your friends and family showing up to help. Either way, the moving company is going to do the job faster. They have a team that does this day in and day out. It saves you time on the other end too. After moving your own things to a new location, it often requires so much energy that it takes longer to unpack all the boxes. Most people take a few days to recover and start unpacking all of their belongings. If you don't have to pack everything up and move yourself, you have a lot more energy when it is time to unpack, making the entire process a lot shorter overall.

2. Peace of Mind. No matter how careful you might try to be, sometimes things still break. When a professional moving company is moving your stuff, you have insurance taken out and they hold the responsibility if something does break or get damaged in the moving process.  In order to protect your stuff and themselves legally, these companies keep an inventory of all your belongings. While it may be nice that your friends think they packed your missing box in their car and delivered it, it's really nice to know your stuff gets to the new house.

3. Saves Money. While it may seem more expensive, a lot of companies will help cover the cost of a moving company if you have to relocate to work for them. Even if you are paying for the service, you still may end up saving money. These professionals will have all the necessary equipment to move your heaviest furniture so you can forget about renting equipment or leaving items behind. If you are planning on buying boxes, moving companies often have boxes on hand. The packers also know much stuff to put in a box and how to do it more efficiently, using less boxes overall.

4. Reliability. Asking your friends and family to help usually results in a few people showing up, but it's hard to rely on all of the people who say "Sure". Once they do show up, how much help will they give? Professionals don't come to a job and complain, try to just chat, or show up for only an hour. You can trust that they will come in and get the job done.

5. Easier on Your Health. Packing and moving heavy boxes gets harder the older you get. Some conditions, like bad backs, hips, and shoulders prevent lifting heavy objects. Not everyone feels stable enough to climb up on ladders either to reach objects higher up on shelves. Movers who are in good health have no problem accomplishing these tasks, so you don't have to put your health at risk. It is also important to reduce your anxiety and stress levels. The older you get and the more stuff you have accumulated, the more stressful moving becomes. Letting someone else, someone like Freedom Movers, LLC, keep track of, organize, and pack everything can significantly lighten your stress loads.


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