Self Management Or Outside Management: Which Is The Better Option For Your HOA?

Posted on: 11 December 2014

Many common interest developments or planned housing neighborhoods are managed by homeowners associations (HOAs). These bodies are charged with the responsibility of setting the rules of how you use your property, if you buy a house in these areas, among other responsibilities. HOAs can either be self managed by neighbors and volunteers in the committee, or by reputable HOA management companies. Self managing HOAs save money. You will not pay any outside entity for any management services. Since the members are part of the community, it is easier to solve issues within the community and even faster. HOA management companies offer their own sets of advantages as well:

Professional expertise

HOA committees are made up of resident volunteers. These individuals may, in many occasions, lack the expertise and skills required to effectively manage a housing project. Financial expertise, construction skills and management strategies are some of the required fields in community housing management. Not many of you neighbors are well versed at these. In many instances, self managed HOAs eventually succumb to poor book keeping, legal tussles and failed projects. A good HOA management company brings all these skills and more on board. This ensures that your community is in well-trained hands at all times.

Time and responses

Self management means that the volunteers have to always drop their activities for meetings, deliberations and general management requirements. With time, many people realize that they do not have enough time to run the neighborhood as well as their personal lives. HOA management companies eliminate this need for volunteer members to always sacrifice their time. Volunteers also go on vacations, have personal issues or are sometimes just unavailable. You will agree that it is also not good to always bombard your neighbor with your deemed emergencies. It is, therefore, more appropriate to hire a company to handle these issues and thereby relieve tenants off this time consuming responsibility. 

 Conflict reduction

Self managed HOAs are always in conflict with other occupants of the establishment. This is because the committee members enforcing the covenants, conditions and restrictions are also everyone's neighbors. Imagine the situation where your neighbor comes over to inform you that you cannot keep a pet, park your trailer on your driveway or paint your walls a green! This is a recipe for conflict. Having an established HOA management company, like Advantage Idaho, enforce some of these rules and regulations will help avoid conflicts between neighbors. It will also lead to more cooperation with the community rules and regulations


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