Four Hosting Technologies That You Will Want For Corporate Relocation

Posted on: 11 December 2014

If you are relocating your corporate offices, there are a lot of things to do, such as planning, working with movers, and setting up infrastructure. You may want to be able to communicate with other offices and manage your business during the move. This is something that can be done with many different technologies, such as cloud hosting, VoIP telephony, and collocation hosting services. These technologies will help make moving easier, and benefit your business even after you have moved. Here are four technologies that you may want to consider implementing in your business before corporate relocation:

1. Cloud Printing And Document Hosting Services

Cloud printing and document hosting services are technologies that can allow you to share and print documents from anywhere. You can send documents to a secure server and have them printed at a location that is convenient to you. It also makes accessing documents during a move much easier. You will be able to have all the documents you need in a new office during your move, even if all the hardware infrastructure is not completed. With document services you will also be able to access documents from mobile devices, which can be good when you are at a convention or event and want to share information.

2. Hosted VoIP Services For Business Telephone Systems

VoIP telephone services have improved in recent decades. Today, these services can come from a hosting provider, which will allow you to quickly establish a telephone service wherever your business is. Since there isvery little physical hardware, you will not have to go through the process of installing new lines, changing telephone numbers, and having an interruption of service during a corporate move. It can also allow you to connect to your business phone system via a mobile device, so you will be able to keep your business running smoothly during a move.

3. Colocation Hosting For Data In The Cloud

Colocation hosting for businesses can be used to securely store important business data and databases. It is a method of hosting that, in theory, does not store data in one physical data center, but rather hosts it on a secure network across many data centers. This gives your business data more security and prevents it from being affected by things like natural disasters or power outages. It also will allow you to access all the data during a move, and prevent interruption to services your business uses.

4. VPN Networks For Virtual Office Space Without A Physical Location

Virtual Private Networks or VPN is a private hosted network that can allow you to access your business network on a secure connection. It can allow you to control who has access to the network, and allow you to access it from home, offices, and other locations. It can also be used when moving your business, so you will be able to access your business network from any of the offices that you are moving to without uninterrupted workflow and productivity. You can also have offices virtually connected to use the same network as one office, which is good if you have a business with other smaller offices.

These are some hosting technologies that can help your business during a major move. If you need help with the planning of corporate relocation and implementing these technologies in your business, contact a corporate moving service, such as Fast Moving Company, to start planning your move.


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