Self Storage Units Make The Perfect Office For Your Start-Up Construction Business

Posted on: 9 December 2014

There are lots of costs associated with starting up your own construction business. If you are just getting started, renting an office or building for your construction business may be out of the question. If you are a little tight on start-up funds, a self-storage unit can make the perfect office for your start-up construction business. 

Connect With Clients On The Go

When you are just getting started, you do not necessarily need an office to meet clients in. What you really need is a smart phone or tablet so you can call, text, chat and video conference with your clients.

You can meet your clients at their business or home in order to discuss the work that you might do for them. Even established construction companies do most of this type of work on the go. 

Rent A Storage Unit For Your Construction Supplies

Instead of renting out an office space or warehouse, which can be really expensive, a cost effective alternative is to rent a storage unit from a company like Budget Rent-A-Space for your supplies. Many advantages come with using a storage space to keep your supplies in.

If you do not have enough space at home for all of your construction vehicles, you can also rent secure parking spaces from your storage unit. That way all of your vehicles and supplies are at the same place. 

A Storage Unit Allows You To Keep Work And Business Separate

A storage unit allows you to keep your home and business life separate. Your garage space does not have to turn into your business storage space. A storage unit allows you a space of your own to keep all of your supplies. 

A Storage Unit Offers Added Security For Your Supplies

A storage unit also offers added security. If you keep all of your construction supplies in your truck or in your garage, they are not very safe. Storage units come with multiple levels of security that can keep the equipment that is vital to your business safe.

Most storage facilities require an access code to even enter and have security cameras placed throughout the facility to monitor all activities. To top it off, your storage unit will be further secured by the lock that you place on it. Your supplies will be safe from theft or vandalism inside of a storage unit. 

A Storage Facility Can Accept Packages For Your Business

If you have to order special supplies for a job, your storage facility can receive and store business packages for you. With this feature, you do not have to wait at home for a package to be delivered or worry about a package sitting on your front porch. You can pick up your packages when you have time, and they will be secure in the meanwhile. 

If you are just starting out your own construction business, save money by renting a storage unit for your vehicles and supplies instead of renting an office space. This will cut down on your start-up costs, and allow you to focus on really building your business. 


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