4 Bobcat Attachments For Landscaping Work

Posted on: 8 December 2014

Are you planning a big home landscaping project? If so, you may want to consider renting a bobcat. Also known as a skid steer, bobcats are often used for loading and unloading heavy materials, especially in industrial environments. You may not think of a bobcat as an essential landscaping tool, but it can actually make your job much easier to complete. Bobcats can be customized with a variety of attachments to perform many different jobs. Some of those attachments are ideal for landscaping. Here are four such attachments that may help you with your landscaping project:

Brush cutter. Do you have an area with high brush? Is it simply too much to cut with a mower, even a large one? A bobcat with a brush cutter attachment can probably get the job done. The brush cutter uses large industrial blades that rotate at high speed to cut through even the thickest and tallest grass. Many have floater devices that allow the blades to adjust on the fly to changes in terrain.

Auger. Do you need to dig holes for fence posts or trees? Doing it by hand can be time- and labor-intensive. You can use an auger attachment on a bobcat to get those holes dug quickly. The spinning auger attaches onto the front arms of the bobcat. You then position the auger over the desired hole site and power it up. Since bobcat augers work quickly, they can usually cut right through rocks and tough soil. They can also give you even holes, regardless of whether the terrain is even or uneven.

Breaker. Does your project include tearing up a sidewalk or concrete patio? Breaking concrete can be hard work. A breaker attachment on a bobcat is an easy solution. Breakers look like giant jackhammers. You attach it to the arms of the bobcat and position it over the concrete in question. When you activate the breaker, it will pound the concrete, breaking it into smaller pieces. You can then reattach the bucket to the bobcat and clear the resulting debris.

Soil cultivator. Maybe you need to prep soil for planting grass or other plants. The best way to do that is to turn the soil over, but that can be a difficult job to complete manually. A soil cultivator attaches to the bobcat's arms. You can then either push or pull it with the bobcat to loosen and turn soil. Most have settings to either level and grade the soil as it turns or to simply turn the dirt with the natural contours of the terrain. You'll have your ground ready to seed in no time.

Talk to your equipment rental dealer about which attachments you may need. Describe your job and they can recommend the attachments that work best for you.


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